2018.10 - 2020.1
Enjoy Exclusive Services and Satisfying Digital Experience While Enjoying Delicious Food and Relaxing Vacations.
Shangri-la Golden Circle (newly upgraded to Shangri-La Circle in 2022) is a member exclusive program launched by Shangri La group. When you become a member, you can enjoy exclusive discounts, points, rapid check-in and check-out services.

My task is localizing the design of its App, including experience design and interface design. In this project, the following three points are my biggest challenges and great gains: coordinating with different partners to get help, exploring design schemes with various demand proponents, verifying and constantly optimizing design deliveries.
Find the problem
When I first came into contact with this product, the design team couldn't help but sigh: this app is really too old. Yes, whether it's experience design or interface design, it can no longer meet the changes in the brand, and this app urgently needs to be updated.

Afterwards, we collected user reviews in the application market and conducted small-scale user research. We came to a valuable conclusion: we have a group of loyal users of the brand who love Shangri La's hotel products. Jinhuanhui is a very good membership service, but this app is really unsatisfactory.
Kick off the design
In this project, the design team went through the entire process of product design: determining product goals and user needs, planning functionality and content, designing information structure and interaction, designing interfaces, validating designs, and continuously optimizing them.
Product objectives
After countless meetings between design departments and CRM, marketing department, brand department and production and research team, we redefined product objectives and business objectives - to serve the consumption objectives of existing members, while bearing the increasing number of members and maintaining a unified "Shangri La experience" with humanistic care.
Shangra-La experience
Shangri la has four major brands, and the main groups are not exactly the same: 1. Inherit luxury hotels and open up the main brand "Shangri La" that accommodates the needs of different generations; 2. Kerry is a space that pays more attention to the combination of life and business; 3. Young brand "Jen Jinlu", a comprehensive space for young guests; 4. Business oriented "Shengmao Hotel".
Membership benefits
In the new version of the membership plan, "eligible stays" are replaced by "consumption", which is the latest plan made by the group according to changes in customer needs - Shangri La guests' peripheral consumption is gradually increasing, and we should welcome this change.
Reservation function
For the hotel industry, we have a challenge that we can't ignore - the relationship with OTAs. Our own members will need reservations, but we don't want to replace OTA, but at the same time, we should create and maintain Shangri La's unique style while learning from user habits.