2023.7 - WIP
Localise New Brand Language With Customer Centric And Iterative Mindset
The new phase of the 170-years-old brand
2023 is a transformative time for Burberry. While celebrating new-coming CCO Daniel Lee and his ambitious creative vision, Burberry is planning on reshaping all digital touch-points to unfold it’s new era to customers and the world.
2024SS Runway & new visual identity
The chanllenge
The final decision of rebranding came in on late July, and we were noticed that the WeChat store should follow new brand language with a target go-live date of Sep 6.

On the same time, Burberry WeChat Store, as a regional destination for both Chinese customers and brand communication, is under strategic discussions on prioritizing regional business plan while adopting brand language.
My role
As the user experience designer for Burberry WeChat Store, I’ve set up a feasible design solution with iterative plan to help relevant teams get on board with shared goals.
Experimental designs from central team
Phase 1
Rebranding Quick Wins
Fast deliver a feasible design for Sep 6 to meet with central requirement on brand new language.
Quick win lists:
Font - replacement of all Styrene font with local font settings
Colour - replacement of all old beige with Knight Blue
Button - colour update of all buttons
Label - colour update of all labels
Asset - replacement of all old logos
Phase 2
WeChat Store Redesign
In this phase, our goal is to leverage more rebranding languages into WeChat Store while taking consideration on regional customer experience.
Use 3 UX methods to discover problems - Discover from competitors / Use Data to drive design / Learn from real customer’s voice
Workshop with stakerholders / mangement level people to get shared HMW with priorities
Facilitate the onwards journey to recapture the magic

Enhance PDP to support more trade moments

Dial up brand identity by adding clear visual code