2022.1 - 2022.10
Keep it Cool and Fun to Buy Coca-Cola on the Vending Machine
Nextvend is a new vending machine service launched by Coca-Cola China in 2020 for in-house officers in first and second tier cities (with relatively stable space and people who have sustainable purchasing power). When consumers use the vending machine to buy products, they can use a customized WeChat mini program to pay easily, get good discounts and experience interesting events.
MVP in Red
After one year of operation, Coca-Cola team hopes that we can help them redesign their Wechat mini program to optimize the overall user experience:

👉 Find frustrating experience points and optimize them;
👉 Redesign the interface to make it more 'coca-cola' style;
👉 Find methods in urging target users to fill their personal information and help enterprises obtain more accurate digital assets.
Main consumer persona
WIP Design
Within one month after the design was launched, we found exciting gains based on data statistics - the probability of consumers becoming members after purchasing beverages on vending machines has greatly increased, and their chances of actively improving personal information have increased by 29% 🥳, with a 41% increase in gender filling rate.

As the project gradually grew, based on business needs, we helped clients update the BI system experience and optimize the UI to make the system more in line with business needs.